How to beat winter blues

In my previous post, I talked about winter blues and how it differs from a seasonal affective disorder or winter depression. Because it is common to feel a bit down during the first quarter of the year, I wanted to give you some tips to overcome the winter blues.Keep your body active

Keep your body active

Extensive research seems to indicate that exercise not only improves physical health but also mental health [1]. It is not quite clear if there is a physiological mechanism responsible for this improvement. The positive effects could also come from a feeling of self-efficiency, distraction and -in some cases- the social interaction it promotes. Whatever the case may be, fitting in some exercise into your day, will have a positive impact on how you are feeling.


Interacting with people you like it’s a great way to overcome this gloomy season. It might seem hard but you should make an effort to accept invitations -even if you just stay for a while- as well as call up and set up dates with people you have been wanting to see for a while.

Don’t put too much on your plate

You need to incorporate all these new activities within reason. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the New Year’s resolutions and goals you set for yourself for 2017. Try to find ways to keep yourself active by doing things you enjoy and that you really want to do. There is no need to sign up for spinning classes or have a dinner date every weeknight. Build up your routines gradually.

These were my three, very simple but effective tips to beat winter blues. I encourage you to put them into practice this week to start feeling better.



(This post was originally published on on January 22nd, 2017)


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